Instructions for speakers

Dear presenter
at the 16th Conference on Sleep and Breathing in Tampere, FINLAND

Oral presentations

You can bring the slides to the venue, we will have a preview room where you can check your files and have your presentation uploaded. Please do so as soon as you arrive at the venue to allow some time for processing. Lecture rooms will be equipped with PC laptops with Windows 7 operating system, data projectors and a large screen. Other formats for making presentations such as Overhead Projectors and Slide Projectors will NOT be available. Presenters are NOT permitted to present files from their own laptop in the lecture room.

Keynote speakers have 45 minutes for presentation (30 min) and discussion (15 min).
Featured speakers have 15 min + 5 min discussion
Oral presentations of original research work (submitted abstracts) may take 10 minutes for presentation, leaving 5 minutes for discussion.

Keeping in time is extremely important. Therefore try your best to focus on your essential results to save time for discussion.

Poster presentations

Posters will be at display in the lecture room throughout the conference. Posters should be prepared in portrait orientation with maximum dimensions of 80 cm (31’’) x 120 cm (47’’). Study title and names of the authors and their affiliations should be presented. Visual/artistic expression of the authors is not limited, but we do request that “Introduction” and “Conclusion” sections are provided at minimum. Conference staff will aid with poster mounting.

You may address your further questions to

We have the venue but you are the one to make this a successful meeting.
Therefore, we are warmly welcoming you to Tampere and looking forward to your contribution to science.

With best regards,
On behalf of the organizing committee
Ulla Anttalainen, MD, PhD

Download these instructions (PDF)