16th International Conference on
Sleep and Breathing


Key note speakers

Clifford B. Saper, MD, PhD
Harvard Medical School
Boston, USA
Matthew T Naughton, MD, PhD
Alfred Hospital
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Vsevolod (Seva) Y. Polotsky, MD, PhD
The Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, USA
Silvia V Conde, PhD
New University of Lisbon
Patrice G. Guyenet, BS, PhD
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, USA
Nanduri Prabhakar DSc, PhD
University of Chicago
Chicago, USA

Jose Lopez-Barneo, MD, PhD
The Neuroscience Institute at Seville,
Seville, SPAIN
Danny Eckert, MD, PhD
University of New South Wales

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We would like to welcome you to Tampere, Finland for the next unforgettable, stimulating Sleep and Breathing Conference, which will celebrate it´s 30th anniversary, being the 16th meeting in the tradition.

The program and speakers

The program will continue to focus on presentations of original research, with an emphasis on contributions from trainees and junior faculty. The key note speakers will set the scene on our current understanding and future perspectives into the physiology and pathophysiology of the interactions between sleep and breathing.

Welcome reception and evening social events

We also invite you to join us for our welcome reception and evening social events that along with the interactive venue environment will foster continued scientific discussions in relaxed and enjoyable settings.

The conference would not be possible without the support of our sponsors and we are grateful for their generous commitment!

See you in Tampere

Bookmark now this website, on which you will soon find more information on the program and social events. Looking forward to seeing you in Tampere.


Tampere-talo (Tampere Hall), Tampere, Finland

Local Organizing Committee:

Olli Polo, MD, PhD, Organizing Chair
Tarja Saaresranta, MD, PhD
Ulla Anttalainen, MD, PhD
Ville Rimpilä, PhD
Turkka Kirjavainen, MD, PhD

International Steering Committee:

John Kimoff, MD
Geraldo Lorenzi-Filho, MD
Josep Montserrat, MD
Mary Morrell, PhD
Christopher O’Donnell, PhD
Seva Polotsky, MD
David Rapoport, MD
Mihaela Teodorescu, MD